Policies and Rights

Policies and Rights

All content on this site, including text, images, and html is owned by Memories of Kisses. Any user content, including photographs and comments, is owned by the photographer and/or user who submits content to this site.

For all user content posted, submitted, or otherwise made available to the site, you grant Memories of Kisses the right to publicly display, modify, adapt, and create derivative works from such user content. You also authorize Memories of Kisses to share the user content across web sites for the purpose of social sharing.

For all user-submitted photographs which where created by a professional photographer, Memories of Kisses assumes the user has the rights to post their photos on public web sites. Memories of Kisses strongly encourages users to provide their photographer’s information, including their name and web site address, so that they may be properly credited for the photos.

Requests to use photos for any purpose should be directed to the photographer noted on the web page.

Requests to use any other content on the site should be directed to the site owner by filling out the contact form.