The 411

The 411

Memories of KissesThe Motivation:

On June 26, 2013, after a long and arduous battle, the U.S. Supreme Court finally struck down parts of the controversial Defense of Marriage Act that denied the same benefits provided to heterosexual spouses to legally married same-sex couples. They also said “peace out” to California’s Prop 8, allowing same-sex marriages to resume.

As it stands today, this means that over 30% of the U.S. population lives in a state that either has the freedom to marry or honors out-of-state marriages of same-sex couples. A long road still lies ahead in the fight, but many same-sex couples can now, finally, see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

The Inspiration:

My partner and I had an awesome commitment ceremony in 2005, in beautiful Laguna Beach, CA. It was a beautifully fun event, where support, friendship and love was so evident that people passing by on the beach asked if they could join the party. Every so often, I browse through our photos from our ceremony, and I’m instantly transported back to that wonderful day. Now, we are blessed with being able to share these memories with our children.

The Idea:

Not too long ago, I randomly awoke at 2:00am. As I laid in bed, trying to fall back asleep, an idea knocked me in the head. It’s time to honor the same-sex marriages/unions/commitments. As the details were playing out in my head, suddenly a phrase came to me… Memories of Kisses. Being a web developer, I naturally gravitated to creating a web site as my medium.

So, there you have it — Memories of Kisses — a website dedicated to honoring and showcasing the photos of all those awesome couples out there who gave gained, or are one step closer to, being seen and treated as equal.

If you would like to share your memories for posting to this site, please fill out the contact form and introduce yourself.